Lease Transfer 2018 BMW 540i MSRP $77960,$643+tax, 5900 DAS ( 4900 MSD ) + Transfer Fee, 36/10


A recent change in my financial situation requires me to trim the extras. Up for transfer is a 2018 540i M Sport with some extras that you don’t see on most of these. I welcome any feedback on the listing.

Exterior: White
Interior: Black Dakota Leather
Monthly Payment: $643.22 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $500 BMW lease transfer fee. $1000 to me.
MSDs: $4900
Months Left: 32
Current Mileage: 1525
Original Contract Total Miles: 30,052
Miles for rest of the term: 28,475 approximately
Original Term Length: 36 Months
Lease Start Date: 03/09/2019
Lease End Date: 03/09/2022
Residual Value: $47,555.60

Adding additional interior photos as suggested.

BMW M Performance Steering Wheel. It is similar to that of the M3CS
BMW M Performance Exhaust

PM for additional pics.

Nice ride. But what on earth is that $5,400 wheel and tire set?

those are $5,400 black rims and summer tires :grimacing:

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Wow. That is so cheeky - I can’t believe they throw that into the build sheet!

The other 5e I speced out when shopping had one of these bullshit port added wheel sets.

Had the option to get them removed and replaced with base wheel/tire but didn’t feel the car looked right without them being an MSport package car. Nice wheels but not worth paying $75/mo extra for!


Recommend including a few interior shots, what state you are in and exactly what’s you’re looking for to get the lease transferred. Are you looking for the buyer to pay the 500 BMW transfer fee? What else? Will the person assuming the lease get your MSD back? Why are you getting rid of a basically brand new car. Good luck! It’s a beauty!

OP clearly stated the deal:
1000 to OP
MSDs always go to lessee at end of lease
Buyer pays transfer fee
OP can’t / doesn’t want to pay for this lease

Just wanted to give a mileage update.


Still leaves 28,135 or about 907 miles per month ( which is a higher per month average than 10k/year )

Vehicle is sold. Not sure how to remove the post.