[Lease Transfer] 2018 BMW 540i, $526/month + tax, $500 DAS, 24/10K, 17 months remaining, FLORIDA


2018 BMW 540i Demo
MSRP: $66,820
Lease start: 12/23/18
Lease end: 12/22/20 (24 mo, 10k)
Residual: $43,716
Payment: $526 + tax
Current Mileage: Demo came with approx. 4800 miles, now my odometer reads 8850ish, essentially I am moderately under my mileage limit
Must qualify thru BMWFS with approved credit and buyer pays transfer fee $500 +tax
No issues with the vehicle and in excellent condition!!

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Is this still available?

Not available. Mods please close thread.