[Lease Transfer] 2018 BMW 320i XDrive 22 months 282 p/Mo, 44k msrp, 950 DAS + transfer fee


Straight forward
950 DAS + Transfer fee (500)
Payment 282/mo first payment for you would be June 13
I am covering the payment from
May 14- June 14 (282.25)
Current mileage: 3300
Turn in : 22696 (April 12 2021)
Your Total Lease Cost : 7,654 (including transfer fee and DAS)
Buy out: $28,613

Car is in Perfect condition and will have it washed before you pick it up

Keep in mind this is my daily car so I drive around 15 miles a day in it. I would stop driving once stage 2 bmwfs is completed because I will be leasing another car.

Any questions feel free to contact me: 2017558065
Email: noorhasan1@gmail.com
(serious inquiries only please want to get credit app done today)
Location: North New Jersey but can transfer to any state.

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Deal is now Active.


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