[Lease transfer] 2018 Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR Upgrade $2750/mo - TX


I got you man, you can have my bed once I decide what to do after college lol. Just be prepared for high expectations.


hey now, didn’t you know the people with the most tend to be the cheapest people out there, funny how that works right?

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Penny saved is a penny earned.


yeah but I dont think you can constitute just a power upgrade enough to call it an amr, the amr has stiffer suspension due to new bushings as well as a good amount of carbon fiber versus the aluminum trim, that would be like shoving more horsepower into a regular corvette and calling it a z06 or zr1, I dont think $3k covers the suspension components. A lot of people said that the db11 was lacking around curves while the amr felt like a true exotic cars in the twisties. Which is fine cause am has typically been know as a gt, but with the amr it was more of a hardened version of the car without losing the comfort and elegance of the standard db11.

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Most wealthy individuals, self made, have this mindset…


Perhaps the word “Upgrade” should have been used after the acronym but, all that aside, this is still a very decent deal for a car w/an MSRP of $270k

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It’s an amr tune basically, I have nothing against the monthly or terms, I think it’s a good deal. The other guy pointed out otherwise because it’s not a real amr but I think it’s still a very attractive car and deal.


It’s even better - penny saved is 1 + 1*(marginal tax rate + medicare tax rate + SS tax rate) earned.
In other words, you may need to earn 1.50 to get 1 after tax …


funny cause last I heard it cost 1.5 cents to physically even make a penny.


With some negotiation it’s already almost possible.


There must be a lot of money in vaginal reconstruction surgery! If only the plates said vagman​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s how they stay rich bro! LOL!

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Gorgeous color combo…I’ve always been a fan of Aston’s :heart_eyes: . Seems like a pretty good deal too, given the MSRP.


vhooloo is one of the OGs here on this forum and is the rich people :slight_smile:

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I’ve not seen anywhere, remotely, close to that with minimal upfront $ here in the Northeast.


I asked a few months ago before the prices dropped if any broker had experience with Bentley as I was looking for a Continental GT Speed lease and only got one person that responded with a website that didn’t work.


No there are differences in hardware not just software.


If you are talking about Miller they hold out generally for someone to pay the money they want. Dealt with their Maserati and Aston Sales only. For a rare DBS once we had a agreed price over email and when I forwarded the details to the buyer to get the deposit sent over they backed out of the deal and said it was a mistake and tried to get more money out of them. Though occasionally they do have some decent deals like last summer for a DB9 GT Volante. For Maserati they have their heads in the sand for the 18 GranTurismo market. Last December when I had someone who wanted to upgrade from a older model asked me to get some quotes they kept trying to push a high mileage demo car when I said they were interested in a new example of the same spec, when I had confirmation of their pre-approval from the third party financing they were using and permission to make an offer they said it was too low when the cars were about to have a 10 month anniversary on the lot in the dead of winter and other dealers in Florida had them marked down lower on Cargurus. I am not a business or a broker more of a assistant if that makes sense with the people that work in the group (medical).


I’ve reached out to them on two occasions and was met with dismay both times; once on a GT and another on an Alfa. I was particularly close on the GT deal but they managed to alienate me at the last minute with their “our deal is only good until 5pm today or we’re passing on your business:” statement. I ultimately came to terms with a NJ dealer that wasn’t nearly as pretentious.

Their “Lease Special” on a new Vantage calls for nearly $5k DAS and a payment, w/ tax, of $2k monthly. Mileage allowance? 2500 per!

At the risk of being redundant, if I could locate a dealer willing to do $1400 mo w/nominal $ DAS and even 5k miles I’d be very interested…


I am enjoying this thread the most in LH right now. Thought you would want to know. As for me, personally with P100D and M3 at 700-900 range, I am maxxed out with happiness - not gonna want/need/afford to step into 1k+ territory.