[Lease transfer] 2018 Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR Upgrade $2750/mo - TX



I just like that your plate says Amit :slight_smile:


Because he can afford it and you cant. Go buy a Corolla.


Definitely a sexy car, the black accents look awesome and the interior looks amazing on white, too bad you didnt post this last year my dad would have probably went am over mclaren. best of luck!


This thread depresses the shit out of me.


It’s only money.


Beautiful car, I look at these posts and ask myself I wonder what he/she do for living.


If I were to take a guess I would say surgeon :thinking:


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lmao… maybe if they started 20+ years ago. Maybe top 5% of physicians/surgeons that started within past 10 years could afford a car like this.

I’m 3 years practicing anesthesiologist and I definitely cant afford this vehicle since I give over 4k/mo for loans. Maybe I’ll become a youtube personality… hell of a lot more lucrative :slight_smile:


You need to work your way up with leasing or financing vehicles and then banks don’t have a problem loaning you money over 100K. This isn’t a bad deal though you can lease a similar punched 30 mile car for about this price based on a few dealers with leftover 18 stock. If that isn’t a typo and it’s a 10K /36 lease then the OP had some intentions for serious miles. They had a offer for a decent amount of lease cash towards the DB11 for 2011 and newer Bentley Continental GT owners/ leasees last time the local dealer reached out a few months ago.


Aston Martin’s depreciate hard the first few years so don’t worry. One year old stock can be 15% off. AM has a good CPO program. The Vantage isn’t screwed together quite right yet but if they keep up the aggressive lease deals a 1400/ month effective V8 Vantage lease should be coming soon.


I guess it depends where they want to spend their money I agree most people freshly graduating won’t be getting a DB11, but maybe a V8 Vantage lease at the current rates is reasonable. Some people would rather have a few nice cars than a second mortgage for a vacation / second home. Good luck!


I thought I handled that pretty well though :stuck_out_tongue: good to know most of the members showed support :slight_smile:


Dallas Texas


Depends on where you live for taxes too, california taxes much higher than certain areas, also cost of living too. Mom is also an anesthesiologist and her annual salary is roughly 500, in california she would be getting around half that but in the state we live in taxes are kinda low so she brings home closer to 60% of that, business is where it’s at though if you’re money hungry, my dad pays taxes on half a mil but brings home 6 figures a month just by showing losses on properties, government projects, etc. etc. When you work a job or a career you cant really play with taxes like a businessman can, you bring home a set amount of money which is a good and bad thing. Students loans are a killer though, once you pay that off you will enjoy life. A lot of doctors I know decided to pay massive chunks off student loans by buying a cheap house and buying econoboxes while they paid 10k a month to pay off their loans. Also had family members do traveling doctors as well because of the extra incentives.


Is your family accepting applications? I make my bed in the mornings and am willing to sleep top bunk

Edit: I have spousal approval


So a DB11 with a tune becomes an AMR because it had a software tune at an authorized Aston dealer? :man_shrugging:t2:

Should of did a DBS tune and called it a DBS :rofl::joy:.

I still appreciate a DB11 don’t get me wrong. Thing is you can find a DB11 for a way better deal than this though. Good luck with the transfer! Great color combination! :boom::boom:


Today I learned that even rich people post on LeaseHackr…


I’d likely JUMP on that bandwagon if/when that happens…