[Lease transfer] 2018 Aston Martin DB11 V12 AMR Upgrade $2750/mo - TX



MSRP 270K White with Cognac
3K on the Odometer
Lease transfer 2750 Month Including 6% Taxes
Remaining miles 27k
0 Down Sign & Drive (I eat the 20k down payment )
Ally Financial
Pristine Condition

PM for additional details.

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Location? For a friend…


Damn close to 1%. Actually not a bad deal at all provided you can swing a payment this large…

How many months are left?



Not that I have to defend myself here but I have multiple cars and I’m simply willing to part ways with this one. I offered the no down payment option as incentive and produce a leasehackr worthy deal. :slight_smile:


you are a real estate guy right?

Buying homes and apartments and then renting them out with your property management company.

Sweet ride


There’s a number of folks who like to presume they know people’s finances here on LH.

Hell, OP could be making room for a Bugatti for all I know.


a broke bum like you shouldn’t even post on a thread like this, stick to the Corolla threads.

To op, you might have a better shot on swapalease or an aston martin forum/exotic forum (try googling and see what you find)

I think it’s a relatively good deal for the new leasee, though there’s no length of term or pics which you should add, I would also add base payment because taxes vary from state to state as well as vehicle location, a california am is much different than a nyc am in terms of nicks, rock chips etc etc. Either way good luck and hope somebody gets themselves a nice am.


It’s not hard to back out the taxes.

$2750 = 1.06x
X = ~$2595

Agree pics will move this thing faster. It’s really a great deal for an exotic IMO. Plus almost no miles on it.

Best luck OP.


true, just would format better that way nobody had any questions for him about terms, base payment, etc etc.


image image image image image image image image image image image image

Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.


Beautiful car, best of luck with transfer.


Sheesh, if I could afford it I’d take this in a heart beat. Nice car!


Pardon my French.

But goddamn, that’s sex on wheels.


This isn’t an AMR it’s just a DB11.


Where is @Phantomcypher?


do you have any actual pictures of the car from after you bought it?


AMR software upgrade completed at Authorized AM Dealer.



:heart_eyes: good luck!