Lease transfer - 2018 530i $60.5k msrp- effective payment $400/month


Lease transfer - 2018 530i $60.5k msrp- effective payment $400/month plus tax. Actual contract payment is $150/month plus tax.

2018 530i

Cashmere silver with canberra beige leather
Comfort multicontour seats
Sport line
Premium package
Parking assistant package
19 inch wheels

Added nano pearl IR tint and ceramic coating. Car looks fantastic.

22 of 24 months left

12k miles per year - you can avg 1045 miles/month

$5500 + MSD ($1400) due to me at transfer
You pay $500 BMW transfer fee

$150 a month plus tax

Effective payment is $400 w/ $0DAS. Located in Phoenix AZ


Are you covering the BMW lease transfer fee? If not, you may want to add that to your post.

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Thanks! Added


Good effective monthly but I imagine this may be a tough sale since that’s a lot to ask for upfront.


Understood… It is a good deal but I am happy keeping it too


Can you also add location please?

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Wow that’s a lot of money upfront. I would have taken it but would rather use $5500 for something else.


It is $150 a month, thats why upfront is $5500


That’s a great payment, but I think $5500 upfront is a lot =/

Beautiful car though :slight_smile:


Thanks @mtt

Do keep in mind most deals posted on here require drive offs (acq, dmv, doc fee, taxes on rebates, first month) which usually add up to $2500 and most “unicorn” deals have payments over $400 with $2500 upfront.

This is $5500 with a stupid low payment of $150

This is cheaper than any 5 series listed here


Can you state the MSD amount?

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Super nice deal, looks beautiful.
Question, don’t you lose all that upfront cash in the event the car is totaled? MSD’s are tough sometimes but at least those are guaranteed to be refunded.


That is between the new leasee and insurance company on how the vehicle gets valued in the incredibly rare case you’d total a car. MSD is always refunded


The idea that $5500 is “a lot of money” upfront is ridiculous. $5500 is $5500, that’s what it is. Have you ever invested $5500? Have you ever loaned $5500? It’s the same thing…

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Can this car be transferred outside of the state to California.


yes, BMW doesnt have state specific restrictions like GM does

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Wow, this was a potentially amazing lease hack depending how much OP put down at signing.

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I am new for the website, and I live in Ohio, can I get this car in OH ? And what is the process


The problem with paying $5,500 to OP is that it is not even “drive offs”. MSD are $1,400 per his post. So, it’s actually $6,900 up front. And you get into an accident the day after the lease is transferred and the car is totaled you lose $5,500.


Ok @Pavlon then don’t get it. Once again the “losing” of $5500 upon totalling tomorrow (likelihood of that happening is incredibly slim) is all speculation. Has it happened to you? If so you are a terrible negotiator. You have no idea what the insurance co would value the car at nor what the buyout is. Love these useless statements based on hear say and not real data.

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