Lease Transfer - 2017 Lexus IS 200T F Sport 36/15k ($266.54 +Tax)

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to get out of a recent lease so I’m gauging the interest on the forum. The car is in immaculate condition and as you’ll see, is practically brand new.

Location: Los Angeles, CA 91326
Car: 2017 Lexus IS 200t F Sport (leased brand new)
Exterior: White
Interior: Red
MSRP: $44K and some change.
Original Term: 36 months (lease start date: 3/12/2017)
Remaining months: 32.5 (lease end date: 3/12/2020)
Current Miles: ~3,400 (as of June 21st)
Lease Allotment: 45,000 miles
Remaining Miles: ~42,600 (roughly 1270/month).
Leased through Lexus Financial Services

**Lease Terms: $$266.54 +Tax - Currently paying $289.86 with Los Angeles Tax included.
I’m looking to recoup the $1,800 in MSDs that I’ve put towards the car as well as 1,500 of a down payment.






Please let me know if you have any questions.


How much did you put down on the lease?

You want $4300 up front to assume this lease?

You’re breakdown is unclear on whether or not you the money you put down back. I would guess whoever assumes the lease has to put the deposits down on their own?

Also, what was the selling price?

Would be interested at $289 + MSDs since I get those back at the end, but not the down payment.

Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, I’m currently looking for 4,300 up front to assume the lease , $1,800 of which are MSDs. I edited the original post for clarification.

@StillLooking: appreciate the interest but I’m not willing to take that big of a hit. I may consider to incentivize down the line based on the response.


How much did you put down should be the question?

That’s a pretty fat downpayment. Not sure you’ll get any bites unless you incentivized.

Curious how you’re already sick of the car after just 3 months in it?

Why would you go with this instead of getting one yourself? There’s no incentive here.

The monthly looks good, everything else looks terrible.

if you can forget the down payment, id be happy to take it off your hands and give you the MSDs.

Thanks for the responses and feedback everyone - much appreciated but not looking to lose my entire down.

I’m willing to incetivize to try to speed things up. I’m lowering the requested down payment to 1,800. Therefore, I’m looking for 1,800 as a down and 1,800 towards the MSD which you will get back.


I know you just lowered your down payment but if you don’t get any bites, and are willing to go down bit more, contact me. I’m in LA as well

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I’m sure people would take it off your hands if you released the down payment. Maybe try listing it for $500 or $750 and someone will come in on it.

I’m not interested but am still curious how you got tired of it so quickly :smiley:

Further incentivizing this offer. Willing to drop the down to 1500.

Sent you a pm skotty. Please get in touch.

Is there navi on this?

The only option this car does not have is Navi. It’s important to note that it does have a feature that allows you to connect your phone and pull up a navigation interface on the screen. The difference between navi and no navi is the selection on the screen that directs you to a built in navi vs a selection that pulls up navigation on the screen from your phones data.

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Bumping again. Still available!