Lease Transfer: 2017 Chevy Cruze LT

Putting up my 2017 Cruze for lease transfer. I’m located in SoCal (Disneyland).

Lease Details
Lease Term: 18 months left of 24 month lease
Lease Payment $104/month (8% Tax included)
Lease Allowed Miles: 30,000

Color: White
Current Mileage: 6,000

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Great deal. I just send you a pm

I’m interested. Are you asking for any money to take over this lease? I can do $500. Also, what is the lease transfer fee?

I’m interested, can you send me a pm. New member rules. Joined today, Thanks

I’m interested please let med know all pertaining details and fees.

here’s the lease details, most up to date. sorry i was out for awhile and will be responding to people this week.

I also go this mixed up with my other cruze, which has the $107 payment. This car has the dent/wheel protection on it, the other one did not. hence the higher monthly on this one.

Car will be ready to be assumed on the 27th. Chevy says 6 months have to pass before an assumption can be processed. so technically it’s the 7th month.

oops mistake post, please ignore

ready to start the process. car is still available for lease assumption! 16 payments left @ $122.18 with OC Tax. The lease assumption fee is $595 paid to GM Financial to run the credit/application. I’m offering an incentive of $300 paid in cash once the process is completed.

nice deal, wish i was in CA


a little negotiation and this is awesome.

Sorry for the late responses everyone. Here’s the updated detail on the car…

Current Mileage: 13,400
Lease Miles Allowed: 30,000
Remaining Miles: 16,600

Remaining Payments: 16, it will be 15 by the time the transfer is complete.

Incentive: $300 to help w/ the $595 app fee paid to GMF.