I am moving across country in June and looking to transfer my 2017 i3 REX lease. The lease is through 1/30/2020 (so 7 months and some change will be remaining at time of transfer). Currently have about 7280 miles and am allowed 20k. I’m not yet exactly sure when in June I will be able to give up the car, somewhere between the 15th-23rd.

I found this deal on this forum last year and so I’m coming here to see if anyone can make use of it considering the i3s can’t really be found for <225 anymore it seems. I one-pay’d the lease so the 7 months of payments would be paid directly to me, I’m not profiting anything from this, just recuperating the pre-paid lease payments. Buyer would pay the credit/transfer fee, i’m aware that raises the net monthly cost of the car a bit since there are only 7 months remaining, but I still think it’s a great deal.

The car has been in covered parking the entire time i’ve had it, minus a few overnight shifts i’ve had to work when it was snowing.

I am new to the lease transfer and as I wasn’t aware exactly how long the process took, I would just post and see how much interest there is.

I will post pictures soon, Ionic Silver with Deka Dark Cloth, MSRP is 51495. Includes Park assistance package and comes with the turbo-cord charger and destination charge (never used either of those)

PM me any questions you may have, i’ll try to respond as promptly as possible.

EDIT: just checked BMWFS account, lease end date is 1/30/2020, corrected above (previously I had 1/31 listed)

I should clarify, I am not taking the car with me so prefer someone local to take over the lease. Also, I think any benefit of the low lease payment would be lost if someone wanted to ship the car anywhere.

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I didn’t read fully - either way, I can prepay and pay full lease transfer amount if delivered to Princeton area in NJ. Let me know asap, can move fast. Thanks!


I called BMW Financial and they went through the Lease transfer process with me.

Stage 1: I notify BMWFS of my intention to transfer the lease and to whom. The buyer would then pay $500 and fill out a credit application.

Stage 2: Once approved, BMWFS will send me and the buyer paperwork to fill out (it is at this point I would require payment of the remaining 7 months of the lease via cashiers check.)

Stage 3: Once BMWFS receives both documents, they do their internal paperwork and transfer the lease over to the assumee. Once stage 3 starts, the process cant be aborted/reversed.

I was also told by the representative, that once the $500 fee is submitted, if, for whatever reason, the transfer is not completed, the $400 transfer fee would be refunded to the buyer.

They state the whole process takes about 3 weeks, but i’ve read online that it can be done rather quickly.

I’ve received a lot of PMs asking me to split the transfer fee. Sorry but I’m not going to do that, the net monthly payment comes to 221 which is still a great deal. Same goes for the disposition fee. Any BMW you lease will have that tacked onto the tail end unless you purchase or lease another car in which case they waive it for you.

I hope this clarifies things.

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Interested, please PM me.

Sorry, am out of town at the moment and it’s not easy for me to get access to respond. Currently, there is one user who messaged me and is interested along with a few others who have already PM’d me. If the first user does not fill out the credit application once I send it over to him, I will move down the list in order of those who messaged me.

I’m interested in this as I’m looking for an eco daily and would like to get loyalty before hunting down an x7 for the wife. Pls PM me if it’s available (sorry I sent 5 messages to brokers and can’t PM for another 5 hours).


Currently, I am at stage 2 with the assume, I have no reason to believe that the transfer will not be completed, but in the off-chance that the buyer backs out, I will reach out to those of you who are still interested.

Thanks for the interest!

Pm me if it falls through to reopen.