Lease Transfer 2017 BMW 440i xDrive $630 / month - no money down

I am moving back to New York soon and will no longer be needing a car. Currently putting $2K into the deal.
Potential for additional negotiations on price and delivery / shipping fees.

Non-smoker, no pets, garage kept

2017 BMW 440i xDrive Gran Coupe
Exterior / interior: Alpine White / Black

Content includes:

  • Tech Pckg.
  • M-Sport Appearance
  • Driver Assistance Pckg.
  • Driver Assistance Plus
  • Cold Weather

MSRP: $62,500
Lease expiration: July 2020
Current mileage: ~16,000
Miles remaining: ~14,500
Location: Detroit, MI
VIN: WBA4E5C30HG189593
Monthly: $630
Additional costs: $0 ($499 fee is covered by me)



I suspect you’ll hear that it’s a little steep monthly but it’s good you’re paying the transfer fee.

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Thanks. I am at about >$9K below MSRP, but open to negotiations to bring pricing in line with the market.

“The market” and expectations here are two vastly different animals.


True indeed. Leasehackrs are not reflective of the average car buying public. At the same time, getting a feel for people’s price expectations is always helpful.

Looking for short term lease to replace wife’s outgoing e-class lease. I would be interested if we could get effective monthly to 500. Based in Cleveland and wouldn’t have an issue driving to Detroit to pick up car. Please let me know. Cheers!