Lease Transfer 2017 BMW 330IX GT $308.96 a month

I leased this car back in late March, I found the deal on this website and drove down to SC to get it. The car has a lot of great features and I’ve enjoyed it but I recently started a new job where I have a long commute and the miles are adding up quickly. I need to buy a car.

With that being said I am going to try to transfer it to someone else and decided to try here first.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 BMW 330XI Gran Tourismo
MSRP: $51,845
Monthly Payment: $308.96 including tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1000 including BMW transfer fee
Months Left: 19
Current Mileage: 16,984
Miles remaining on lease: 15,315
MF: Not sure
Miles at Inception 8299
Original Contract Total Miles 24,000
Miles Allowed at Turn In 32,299
Excess Charge Per Mile $0.25
Term Length 24 Months
Contract Start Date 3/31/2018
Contract End Date 3/31/2020
Residual Value $29,157.25
Disposition Fee $350.00
Currently in Central Indiana

After I got it, I felt like it vibrated a bit more than what I was used to (I had an Acura TLX) so I took it to the dealership they recommended a tire alignment and tire balance and rotation at $282.00. The 1K drive off would be the $500 BMWFS transfer fee would be paid to them directly and $500 to help offset the cost of the $199 dealer doc fee, the window tinting $200, and the $282.00 I paid for the alignment and tire balancing.

I would be happy to help coordinate any inspection services and shipping. If you decide to pick it up, I’d be glad to meet you at IND airport.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions. MODs if i missed anything I can edit.

How about a window sticker or a VIN to check color, options, etc? Thanks

Looks like a very nice deal, I’m sure you’ll sell it fast!

You have 20 months remaining, not 19. 19 payments. ~766 miles per month left to use.

If you can, you should stop driving it now so you don’t reduce the buyers pool anymore than it already is at just 9k miles/yr, effectively.

What is the tax rate?

Ah, the ole GT body. Hope someone’s able to get out to Indy and grab it!


Current Tax rate: 7%

Miles remaining: Considering the 5th payment was already made 19 payments would remain with the next one due 8/30.

Because I will drive it here and there until the transfer happens I will guarantee at least 833 miles per month - the equivalent of a 10K a year mile lease. I will either buy the additional miles before the transfer or deduct .25 cents per mile over 16,472 (833 miles x 19 months = 15,827 miles deducted from the current contracted miles at turn in 32,299). So for example if the transfer were to happen today and the odometer is at 16,984 I will either buy the additional 512 miles to restore at 833 per month or provide a credit of $128 deducted from the $500.

Condition: Non smoker, Clean inside and out (will detail again prior to delivery) and one of the wheels has some minor curb rash… Transfer as-is.

This still available?

Hi, Is it still available?