Lease transfer - 2016 Maserati Ghibli SQ4 - lots of miles left!

Looking at potentially getting out of my Maserati lease. Lease expires June 2019. Love the car…but it has become decidedly inconvenient for me…got a new job and don’t think it would be good for me to roll up in this. People at my old job knew that I finally splurged on something nice for myself after way too many years of driving inexpensive cars. At any rate, she’s in great shape and has lots of miles left. I need to put some new tires on the front which I will do prior to any transfer. Back tires were recently replaced and plenty of tread on them.

Car is located in Raleigh, NC

Details are below:
2016 Maserati Ghibli Sq4
Current mileage: 23k
Total mileage available: 45k
Months Remaining: 10
MSRP: ~$89,345
Exterior: Grigio Maratea (Grey!)
Interior: Cuoio (Brown!)
20" Urano Rims
Black Piano Wood trim

Total monthly payment excluding tax: $840.58
I would pay application fee and transfer fee

Willing to consider driving a couple of hours from Raleigh to meet.

At this time I am not interested in offering anything off the monthly price in terms of incentives. My other option is to go pick up a swapalease on an inexpensive vehicle and keep driving this beauty on the weekends.

Please message me if interested.

any pictures? am interested, does maserati allow lease transfers? I have a ghibli i purchased a year ago because there was some issues with that everytime i tried to assume a lease

I was trying to figure out how to post pictures. Didn’t see any instructions so was going to spend some time figuring it out tonight.

The lease is with Ally and I talked to them a few months ago. Seems like we should be able to transfer and I know there are some on…so assuming it can happen.

Hope you get some bites, good luck with the transfer.
Can’t help but wonder why you wouldn’t want to roll up to your new job in the Ghibli? Yea its flashier than a Corolla but Maserati’s are far from what they were a decade ago

Corollas are pretty flashy where I work now.

It just wouldn’t send a good message I think. My boss agrees!

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I don’t want to derail but why would you bust your butt saving and driving beaters to get this car, which was a goal for you, and give it up because other people might judge you? Get a $90 a month Buick if you need to show up in an unremarkable car.

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That is just unfortunate. I have worked for companies like that. Best of luck.

Its less about people judging me and more about people getting the wrong impression about my new company. Tough times, asking for sacrifices from workers, and the environment I work in now is very different than the one I worked in previously (think posh office environment in the city versus small plant in an economically depressed area). I leased it as a daily driver, and now don’t feel comfortable showing up in this vehicle. I make good money…but I’m also very frugal and always have been. This was a fun splurge for me and I can certainly afford to keep it as you suggest…and I might in fact do that. But, if I can save some money and someone else gets a nice ride for a limited time and a reasonable total payment, then we both win. Plus, there are some interesting new cars that I wouldn’t mind changing over to…and I can feel better about showing up to work in those options. We’re all different…you may not get it, but it makes sense to me.



I also drive a Maserati, and I kept it hidden for a long time. I parked far away and never spoke about it, and kept my keys hidden in the office. I never drove to lunch. My boss wasn’t aware. None of my co-workers were aware.

It lasted for 12 months. People have that ‘U DRIVE A MASERATI!!!’ when they hear, and it gets around fast. My other co-worker was with my boss, and said 'Hey… John can drive us. He has a $200,000 Maserati… and he drives the BMW into the desert, actually!" (I went to a work shooting event in the desert, then offroaded my 5-series. Everyone else had a truck). People talked about my cars for a while, but they don’t understand I put so much work into the deals.

The other part is my wife is a cardiology director, so she makes piles of cash. From a household persepctive, I do better than my boss, her boss, and then her boss, and his boss. I’m essentially managed by people who are much lower than me on the socioeconomic totem pole even though they make a quarter of a million a year +. It creates this very weird situation in which I am perceived as living a higher lifestyle than people way up there ,and they become bitter. This is not true at all. We travel more and save more, and live in a small house. I’ve gotten some harsh feedback from my current manager, and her boss, which has never happened in my career.

My current manager starred for a while when she saw my Maserati keys. She knew what they were 100%

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My best story with the car was actually not the car directly. I was at an airport in Brazil, going through the security lane. I speak a little Portuguese, so the security guy was chatting with me. In this part of Brazil, they typically pronounce the ‘r’ sound more like an ‘h’ sound.

So it ends up my key fob looked suspicious, so the guy goes through my bag. He pulls out the key fob, eyes wide and says ‘ohhhhhhh Mazehottie!’

Loved that day…

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My situation is the complete opposite.
I make 10x more than people at work and more than half my employees drive nicer cars than I do (and spend 2-3x more monthly on cars)

Everyone has their priorities and preferences. No point judging people on only one data point


Is this still available and does that lease payment include NC tax?

Thank you!

It is still available and I’m pretty sure that price includes the NC tax. Are you in NC?

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