*LEASE TRANSFER* 2015 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe $392 per month

Hey Guys!
I am looking to transfer or sell my 2015 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe. The car is leased from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. The car currently has 17,900 miles on the odometer. It is loaded to the nines. It has the AMG Sport package, Harman/Kardon Surround Sound System, Rear spoiler, Illuminated Star(The Huge MB logo on the front of the car lights up at night), Blind Spot Monitor and a bunch of other options.
This is a lease transfer. There are 26 months left on the lease contract. Remaining miles are 20,900 on the lease contract. I do believe Mercedes allows you to buy additional miles. It is grey on black. Overall it is a stunning car and I have gotten many compliments on it. If you are looking for one of the most stylish, safest, and fun to drive cars out there, this has got to be your go to pick. I want $1000 plus buyer pays transfer fees.

I’m interested what’s your contact information?

What area are you in?

You folks know this offer was from November.

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Guys car is still available, i didnt get any notifications from leasehackr so I didnt know people were interested.

Central New Jersey,
Nearby Clinton, NJ

What’s your contact #?

I’ve messaged you with my contact details.

Resisting the car. PM me if interested.

What’s the offer now?

392.65 p/m contractual payment
current mileage 36,1xx
Im waiving the downpayment completely.
Just pay the transfer fees. Im not looking to recoup my downpayment.
This car is highly specced out.
Contract is up Feb 2 2019.
Im assuming you can probably pull-ahead starting August 2018.

All serious inquiries should PM me.

So the new leasee gets a total of ~2700 miles for the remaining 13 months (207mi/month)? :thinking:

I think you’re gonna have to pitch in a huge incentive for anyone to take this over.


If you search the markets for similar cars— contractual payments are more like $600 per month. This car is a solid deal to begin with-- even if you have to buy additional miles.

If it was a solid deal, why is this still available after being posted for over 1 year?

This is your car, so you can list it at whatever you wish. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

I got a few PMs for it but I changed my mind about letting it go. Now I have another car, an M3, and no longer need this one. However for just 392.65 p/m I have no problem keeping it around.

The remainder of your miles are worth $1,000 so just keep the car. Nobody is silly enough to pay $400/mo for 200 miles on a 3 year old C coupe


You can’t even get a loaded Hyundai for $400 a month these days, let alone a loaded Mercedes. I don’t know what kind of experience you have buying high end cars, but $400 is nothing. You typically have to make a significant downpayment to achieve these kind of numbers on a loaded car, especially the coupes as they have crap residuals.

Read before you talk.


Here is one that is less than yours and has 1100 miles per month http://www.swapalease.com/lease/details/2015-Mercedes-Benz-C-Class.aspx?salid=1203772

That C sedan is a solid deal however not Apples to Apples, it has $3500 due at signing and because its a sedan the residual is 66%,. You can’t get these numbers on a coupe.
The Swapalease deal is great though. If that is his contractual payment, then that has got to be the cheapest C coupe out there.