Lease & Trade in

Hello all,

Couple questions from NE Florida. I am getting ready to trade in my 2018 Dodge Durango GT (lease) for a 2021 Durango (GT+ or RT). None of the dealers here have what I am looking for therefore I’d like to order one. Is there anything different when ordering a vehicle to lease? How does trade in work when the new vehicle is not here for 6-8 weeks.

Also, I just moved to Florida from Jersey. Is there anything different here that I need to be aware of?

Appreciate any info.


You can agree on the pricing before you place the order. It’s not much different than leasing a car sitting on the lot.

The dealership will give you a future trade-in quote with a mileage limit. Unless you pass that limit they should honor it. Also check online car buying websites to get a quote for your car. This way you can separate your trade-in and your future lease.

Watch out for the high dealer fees. Usually they are between $799-$999. They also run another scam called electronic filing fee around $399 which is another form of doc fee.

Your yearly registration will be around ~$80 which will be low compared to NE.