Lease to Purchase

I wanted to see if there’s any downside to this scenerio… if the MF on a lease is much better than any interest rate for purchase (ie: MF of 0.0004 vs 5% APR). Would it be advantageous to negotiate the sale price and use the lower interest from the MF to eventually purchase a car?

Not likely. If they overstate the residual, you’ll be paying for it at lease end when you buy out. If they understate it, you’ll be paying for it during the lease term.

I’d say it only makes sense if the discount is more on a lease and the MF is .00001. If you’re always getting hackr type deals, it doesn’t make sense to buy.

Not to mention that pesky acquisition fee you pay at inception if you lease and not buy. That would probably negate most of the savings alone over the term.