Lease to Own, what can you tell me?

Hello all,

Any advise on good lease to own vehicles? Thinking of the future, the wife and I are starting to think that it would be a good idea to eventually own one of our vehicles to eliminate a monthly car payment. Does any anyone have any input or advise, on what to look for if thinking about buying my next vehicle at the end of the lease?

You need to look for the lowest residual value (this is what you pay at the end of lease to buy your car), lowest MF (interest rate) and lowest difference between sale price and the residual (highest lease subsidies, lowest sale price) to justify difference between lease payments w/acquisition fee vs. straight financing at low rates.
Sometimes you may find much higher discounts/incentives on financing then on a lease, so financing might be a better option in the long run.
It also depends on a car you are considering. For example - Subaru’s don’t lease well due to high residuals, high MF and no lease incentives. But they do have decent finance rates like 1.9% for 63 month. So it’s probably better to buy with a low interest rate and hold.