Lease term question(36mon or 24mon)

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to lease a Mercedes and initially requested a quote for 24 months. The price they quoted was higher than I expected, so I asked for a negotiation. Now they’ve offered a 36-month lease with the same monthly payment as part of negotiation.

I asked about the residual value, but the dealer said they don’t know it because Mercedes’ residuals always change.

Which option would be better: 36 months or 24 months?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

If you become a super supporter, you can use Rate Findr to look at all program details, including RV, base money factor, and possible rebates for all mileage and lease length options. It’s well worth $10 to save hundreds.

Hey Iannn! So the RV is a set % that only changes occasionally if Mercedes or any Make is offering a “special lease” term. Please share the model you are looking at and the MSRP and I can help you get a better understanding. This feels like a dealer selling you a payment.

Lying through their teeth… :joy:


I’d PM for the detail.
Thank you

I’d find a new dealer.

Every lease has a sweet spot, most are usually 36 months in general. The best term will depend on the month, model and trim level for each version of the vehicle you are looking at. Sometimes a brand will promote a specific term with a lower money factor or higher residual (or both)

You misinterpreted them. What they actually said was “never, under any circumstances, do business with us.”

There is one acceptable course of action for you at this point:

Delete the dealer’s number and never step foot through their door again. Block all their email addresses.

Once that is done, take a giant step back and put together a target deal for the vehicle you’re interested in. You should never talk numbers with a dealer without knowing what the numbers should be first. You can not effectively negotiate in the blind.

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Honestly, in these cases I blame the sales person rather than the dealership. I have found two different experiences within the same dealership one sales person scoffed when I asked for 5% MSRP discount and said “it doesn’t exist anywhere” while another sales person was willing to work with me.

I victim blame in these situations honestly. The biggest issue here is going into the dealer unprepared. Doing so will forever taint the relationship with that dealer, so no matter whose fault it is, the best thing to do is start over from a position of preparedness with a new dealer.

Further complicated by Virginia taxing the selling price.

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