Lease Takeover true cost?


Greetings, Hackrs!

I’m considering taking over a 2018 BMW 330i with about 9 months left on the lease. The car was bought out of state (CA), then registered in Seattle, WA.

Since this is a very short term lease, I don’t want to be liable for any old damage or wear and tear. Here’s what I have found about charges I’ll owe:

  • Scratches/dings on the car (not deep, just surface scratches)
  • One scheduled maintenance that the car is due for (since the maintenance plan is non transferable)

Here are my questions:

  1. The previous lessee had lease protection but BMW told me a transfer may not work for out of state leases. Does anyone have experience with that?
  2. At what stage should I get the car inspected and by who? Does anyone know how much it costs?
  3. Are there any other costs I should be aware of?

You will also be responsible for the lease turn in fee specified in the contract unless you lease another BMW. Tires might also need to be replaced.

Thanks! You’re right. There’s a 350$ disposition fee involved.

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Tires are usually the most expensive ding I’ve ever had. Usually most scratches unless very major are chalked under normal wear and tear.

Tires on the other hand especially on a BMW with runflats can easily be $400-500 + mounting and balancing.

Annoyingly, I never rotated the tires on my wifes SUV lease. If I had, both would’ve been above the threshold for replacement, but since I hadn’t I had to spend $500 to replace the fronts. 30 minutes of labor or $20 at the shop would’ve saved me a lot of money.