Lease takeover question

hi, i’m wondering if i let someone take over my lease, does that person necessarily have to pay the same monthly payments as me? or can i advertise it as more considering i got a crazy deal on a chevy cruze (33 bucks /month)?

There’s no point advertising more because the payments go to the lender. You can ask for a ‘down payment’ (in order to attempt to make some profit) instead. Swap a lease allows such ads and anything goes on CL.

@evak, i agree with @max_g, you can and should ask for a “down payment” of some sort at that payment. Let the person taking over the lease pay the transfer fee and some sort of “down payment” to you. That car at $100/mo would still find takers if the car was in good condition and had enough miles/mo left. So you can make up the difference in a form of “down payment”.

If you can’t get some “down payment” why not just keep it and use it as a secondary “beater” if you get another car?

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“Beater” leased car? :slight_smile:

I considered my Maserati my beater until I got the Hellcat (super beater?) so it’s believable…

@OP yes you should be looking for some cash “down” from whomever is taking over the car to nab the killer payment. Preferably whatever you put down and spent on registration up to this point so you walk away with practically no cash lost on this deal.

great advice, thank you guys!