Lease Specials vs. Typical Leasing

Hey guys,
I’m new to Leasehackr but already love the format and community surrounding it.
Since my current lease is ending in another month and I am looking into lease deals once again, I was wondering if the monthly specials that dealerships offer are typically better(and worth pursuing) or worse than constructing your own lease deals? I’m hoping to “hack” my first deal this time around and was looking for some guidance.

Most of the time the advertised “specials” you will see are based on one particular stock unit that may or may not be there when you inquire about it, it’s merely a loss leader to try and get butts into the store and either up sell or bait and switch. Additionally, the rebates listed in the special you will usually not qualify for all at the same time (Loyalty or Conquest, Military, College Student/Grad/Supplier, etc.) You need to research the vehicle you want, shop around for the best price on the car before any of the rebates and incentives, and know your residual and money factor. Once you know what price the dealer will let the car go for, everything else falls into place.