Lease Specials? Please read :)

Hey guys!

First time poster here, I know this is a really ambiguous request, but… I’m looking for a lease in Los Angeles for a retired family remember and was wondering if you guys got any lease specials you know about or any suggestions.

It may be a stretch, but they’re looking for leases under 150/160 a month

I was looking at the equinox deals, but they don’t offer some of the rebates in LA.

Any help or tip is very much appreciated, thanks guys!

Hi Thomas,

We’ve been doing many of these Equinox deals,

We are finding payments in the $120 to $150 range with tax on the LT model Equinox around $27800 with about $1500 to $200 due at signing.

Providing you qualify for the $2000 lease conquest rebate.

Also they have the Costco gift card for $300 to $700.

feel free to reach out if we can help!

Anthony @



Ive sent you guys 2 emails thru your website with no response over the past 2 weeks.

Whats the deal?


I see Kara emailed you back on the 16th.

call me at 949-485-3002.