Lease returns (wear and tear, scratches, tires, etc)

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I’ve gotten some great feedback on some other threads about this, but was hoping I could get more specific info regarding lease returns. I’m specifically concerned about some scrapes on my wife’s Kia. I’ve got about 11 months left on the lease, and I’m trying to decide if I should just go and have it fixed now or wait it out to see what Kia charges for it. For those in SoCal (more specifically near San Diego), is there a super cheap place you recommend that will be good enough to pass the inspection?

With tires, some on here have mentioned to get used tires off craigslist.

Another thing, my wife lost her second key. For some reason it disappeared, yet she was still able to drive the car home. Pretty crazy and concerning. We tried telling the dealership about it but they didn’t seem to think anything was wrong. I know at the end they’ll charge us for an additional key. Any cheap solutions for this?

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And if you fix it now and your wife will do more damage in the next 11 month - what’s the point of fixing now instead of getting appraisal at the end of lease? That should answer it for you.

good point. I guess I have like 3 months towards the end right?

Losing a key is a killer – they cost as much as a phone

yea, that really sucks. I heard it could be like $300 or more. :frowning: Is it possible to get one on ebay and use that? Would I have to pay to get it reprogrammed?

I’d leave enough time after the lease end inspection for repairs. You may not have to do anything with dings and scratches if they fall under allowed sizes.

Get the car inspected by Kia or a 3rd party 2 months before you want to lease again. How much damage forgiveness does Kia provide, 500???

I wasn’t aware of any. It would be awesome if they did forgive some of it though!

I am in a somewhat similar boat regarding a lease return. Does anyone have experience purchasing used tires with enough tread for a lease return?

This is for a BMW, someone took over my lease last July but we agreed to split the disposition costs based on the amount of time we had the car.

I did ended up leasing another BMW from the sale dealer in November, any chance I can utilize that fact to get a reduction in the disposition fees? Since it was a lease takeover the car is no longer in my name.

From my understanding the disposition fee gets waved if you lease another BMW, but if the lease isn’t in your name anymore, I’m guessing they won’t let you do that. Can’t hurt to call BMW and ask though!

Re: your key. Assuming it’s a smart key, we lost the 2nd key on a leased Mercedes with a few months to go in our lease. I purchased a duplicate looking smart key on ebay for $10-$20. I never paid for the key to be programmed, which would have been a few hundred $. When i turned the car in (and I wasn’t leasing another Mercedes or any car from that dealership/chain), I put the original working smart key on the same key ring as the non-working one I purchased on ebay. During the inspection, there was no reason to ever believe that either key wasn’t legit. I’m guessing they may not have even realized it until the car was for sale, perhaps even after hitting an auction block. Of course, we had to be extra careful those last few months not to lose the key we were using, as it was our only working key. But I wasn’t even worried once the dealer took the possession of the car and completed the car inspection.

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@g8orgrant Thanks for the tip! I’ve actually been considering doing something similar (buying off ebay or some other site) but I thought I would have to get it programmed. I may take a chance and see if I can not pay the money to program it. Thanks!!

Doesn’t Home Depot duplicate car keys?

hah, I don’t think that duplicate key fobs. :slight_smile:

I know Honda gives a $500 allowance and if you trade in for a new Honda they give you an additional $500. As far as the key fob eBay idea, well that’s pretty much stealing in my opinion. You lose the key, you pay for it.

To me, the whole tire thing doesn’t make any sense. If I lease a car for let’s say 3yr/36k miles and it comes with 40,000 mile tires then it shouldn’t matter what the tread is like if I return it under mileage. I don’t get how they can get away with it.

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yea, if you buy the key fob off ebay and get it programmed that should be ok though. I don’t get the tire thing either. I wish they would just roll the cost of tires into the price of the lease if they’re going to charge for that on every 36 month lease anyway.