Lease Return with Service Due

My Hyundai Genesis lease is up in June but my car now needs a service. Can I return it as it is or do I need to get it serviced first?

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Good question. I didn’t do a final service before turning mine in, and it never came up during inspection or with the dealership. Did you get the inspection done already? I’d say you should be safe turning in without worrying about it. You can turn it in any time after making your final month’s payment.

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Thanks. I was wondering as the car is highlighting “Service Due” and whether it would affect the turn in or the inspection.

Haven’t done the inspection yet. Funnily enough the dealership called me yesterday to bug me about the lease end and come in to see G70 or G80. The salesman said it doesn’t need an inspection, just to drop it off, which doesn’t seem right to me.

I can’t speak for Hyundai, but Benz charges for services not performed

Reset the service light, move on.

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Yeah, you’ll need to get an inspection done. My inspection was pretty lax. He got me for $250 of bumper damage (local bumper shops were quoting me from $600-$1,000), and 2 tires under tread at $190 a piece (my lease for 45k miles). I bought the $500 excess wear and tear package which should cover most of it. I’ll find out when I get my final bill.

That’s unethical. No one here would stand for a dealer doing that.

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@305Hackr - how can they confirm one way or the other whether the service was done or not if there are no service light indicators on?

Benz has a service indicator and ill also show you how many miles you went over and past when it was due. Their services are expensive and a profit center for them so they’re on top of it.

I don’t know much about Hyundai and what the service entails. If it’s just an oil change, those are cheap anyway, just have it done. Dealers will match other local dealer’s oil service special, just find one on their website, print out and bring it to them.

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