Lease Return Issue Ally

Hey all,

So I leased a 16 Maserati Ghibli and returned it at the end of March. I had the SmartLease Protection Plan which covered all the damages. I took pics of the entire exterior and interior, trunk etc before turning it in. I turned it into Santa Monica Maserati since I had a deal the same day locked in at the SM Audi dealership close by. When they inspected the vehicle they said everything was fine but they couldnt officially ground the vehicle since the person that does that quit. Apparently no one else at the dealership had the authority to do it. I insisted but they gave me an unofficial document notating the mileage, release of liability etc. I was skeptical but didnt really have a choice since I was by myself and needed a car. I kept calling weeks later and they didnt ground the vehicle until almost 5-6 weeks when calling the third party inspection company or Ally.

Sure enough the SmartLease plan covered the minor damages but they allegedly claimed I didnt have the tire inflator part with the spare tire (spare was never touched, checked or used, with original tires on the car at return). This is literally the only part of the car I didnt have a picture of.

Ally began to call me to pester me about paying for the part. Apparently its not covered under the SmartLease and even though the dealer didnt write it down or mention it missing, they told me I had to prove it was there. I call the two people I talked to at the dealership that kept stringing me along for a couple weeks then going completely silent and ignoring my calls.

Ally then offered to 3 way call the Lease manager there (2 weeks ago) who assured them it was their fault and that they took it out. They offered to send the part, but Ally said it was too late and they needed payment. The manager said hed take care of the invoice but was super curt and rude even with Ally. Ally claims that even though they admitted fault, its still my problem since the contract is with me. I argued they should have more authority over the brands they finance and deal with them. Sure enough the Lease manager didnt send payment and when I got a hold of him today off a blocked number, he was rude again having the audacity to ask me how I got his cell number.

Now Ally is threatening collections/credit report ding if I dont pay in 10 days. Its not a huge amount ($275) but I think the principle of this is very messed up by the sketchy dealer and by Ally. Wondering if anyone has experienced this before or suggestions on what to do?


I would strongly recommend paying Ally ASAP and then asking for reimbursement from the dealer. Tough lesson you learned from this lease turn-in. Regardless of the manufacturer, always remember every dealer is a crook. Good luck :slight_smile:


Pay the $275 and move on with your life. Your credit is something you’ve spent a lifetime building.


Leaning towards that as well, just sucks paying for something that isnt your fault and admitted by a sketchy dealer. Also seems unreasonable by Ally since the certificate of liability is signed off the return day and the dealer can technically go rogue and mess with the vehicle and theyd still hold me responsible. Makes no sense.

Be sure to leave an honest yelp review for the dealer so people know what they are dealing with


I agree with others - pay off Ally in the meantime to not worsen the experience further.

Then, contact the GM of the dealer and inform them of the situation. Ask for reimbursement and tell them if they don’t, you’ll have no choice but to file a complaint with Maserati corporate and Better Business Bureau. If they don’t cooperate, follow through with the complaints.

Their incompetence shouldn’t cost you a cent.

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The BBB is a joke. Don’t expect anything to come from that. Yelp and google review is a much more powerful tool to use.


Truthfully, they’re all “jokes” to a shady dealer. A complaint with Maserati corporate may pique their interest though.

Another alternative is to reach out to local media - they usually have someone doing “consumer protection” type of stuff. But again, unfortunately some dealers don’t care one way or another.

What does this have to do with BMWNA?

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Sorry, brainfart from a diff thread - meant to say Maserati corporate (edited). Thanks for pointing it out.

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You should’ve done a pre-inspection.


Ally still claims I would need a picture the day of turning it in as anything could have happened between the inspection and turn-in. And that they literally could have keyed the whole car but its still my responsibility because the contract is with me. Yes, they said that.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I am definitely going to leave the reviews and never lease a car through Ally. Also for whoever said contact the GM, he is just a big of an A-hole as the rest of the dealerships staff. Did a 3 way call with Ally and was rude to both of us and dismissed the importance of it entirely.

It sounded like it was the lease manager, didn’t realize that was the overall GM.

Then pay Ally, take it as a lesson learned ($250 isn’t the end of the world although unfortunate) and then roast them via whatever channels available to you.

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‘A Bronx Tale’ has a scene about $20…

I’m betting someone at the dealer stole whatever’s missing. But for only $275 you can make this problem go away.

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That’s why I‘M always strongly consider Bmw every time I need my new car, I had 16 leases so far with bmw and no major headaches, returned cars with missing parts some small broken parts, not matching parts. You never have to pay anything after you call lease-end department, and lease return done at the dealership and it’s no outside agents involved since they are the worst unless you kept your 36 months lease car in garage with 2000 miles only.
Italian cars not worth buying unless it’s Ferrari and you usually have to wait to get one and pay in cash on delivery :slight_smile: , multiple friends with Maserati hated those cars and Would never lease them again.

Honestly man, this is not a fairly common occurrence I’d feel. It’s pure incompetence on the part of the Maserati dealership. While I have the experience of just one lease (Been only a couple year since I graduated), my dad has been repeatedly leasing E classes from about 4 socal dealers sequentially ( e350->e550->e550->e43). We have never had any issues with the turn in process. Also, just wondering, why did you go with ally over FCA ( chrysler capital, I think?).

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You’re right, I 3 way called BOTH the Lease Manager and the GM with similar poor attitudes. Shocking how bad it was.

Knightrider, at the time Ally was the bank for Maserati.

Thanks for the responses everyone. Going to just pay the fine if they dont settle it by this week and then leave reviews/etc. Definitely wont be leasing through Ally again.


Not sure what your gripe is with Ally, it’s not their fault. They don’t charge a disposition right(saved there)? Just another example of why you get it inspected before turn in, no surprises and takes like 15 or 20 mins. Even if they officially grounded the car, the inflator still wasn’t on them. This all happened because you didn’t have it inspected prior to turn in, if it was inspected prior, the dealer could have stole all the crap they wanted, it isn’t inspected again. Just remember if you don’t get a lease return inspected prior to turning it in, anything can happen. Someone could back into it, swap the tires, etc. If in doubt, get it inspected prior to turn in.

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This was my first lease return, but I did call the dealer I bought from as well as this this Santa Monica location and both said there was no need and that a 3rd party inspects the vehicle anyway. Ally is no longer Maseratis bank so maybe thats why, or I guess I could/should have insisted on it. But lesson learned and will now take pictures of every nook and cranny as well.

Its also dumb that Allys protection plan would cover 5k in damages but not cover a $250 part. Their service and attitude has been just as poor as the dealer but I digress…

Correct I believe most, if not all, of Mas leases are funded by Chase now.