Lease return (GMF) - Single Tire Replacement

New to leasing.

My lease is up by the end of August. I got the AutoVin inspection completed and it’s been stated that the rear right tire had a cut and needed replacement. It is a $162 of excess wear & tear.

Would buying a used one with a closely similar wear (same brand and speed rating) suffice with GMF or should I replace both rear tires so the wear matches?


used is fine

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You only need Tread matches if it is a AWD or RWD.
If a RWD, the flip the mismatched to the Front. Then the rears match.

If not the same brand / size will probably pass the sniff test. Note : They will try to send you a bill now that you have had your first inspection so take lots of pictures and keep receipts.
You will have to explain that you replaced it.

Do nothing. Wait til final statement. Call GMF nicely and pay something between $0 to $162. Move on with your life.


Agreed w max

$162 or less and you’re done and haven’t wasted your time shopping for used tire(s).

I can’t think of many things less exciting to shop for

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Not to mention going to/from and waiting at a tire shop for it to be mounted and balanced.

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Thanks for your response. Total of excess is $368: Tire $162 + Roof dent $206.

I guess the same mentality applies since fixing the dent would be more expensive with a body shop. I will just wait and call GMF when I turn in the car. Do you just ask them to waive the fee?

Just curious. You did not try to sell it to any GM dealer?
You should have some equity on it.

I received a quote from Carmax in June but I did not pull the trigger since I had to travel overseas. Came back and I learned that 3rd party BO is no longer an option. I went to my GM dealer soon after and they were offering me less than the pay off since Carfax shows two fender benders.

I could try again and see what they offer since the market is still hot. Only issue is what replacement to get after I sell the rocket

Were you there when the accident happened? If not, there’s a thread here about that. If so, well then pay the $162 and walk away…the trouble to find / install / and fight with GM about it isn’t worth it.

Doesn’t GMF have an up to $500 waiver on wear and tear? Or is that only if you jump into another GMF lease? I know they don’t grant any mileage help anymore on turn-in but I thought there was some leniency on the wear and tear.

Yes, I was driving the car on both occasions and got rear-ended

I believe I have something that mentions that in my paperwork. I don’t know if it kicks in automatically when I return the car or if I have to process something with GMF

I’m not sure it’s even in the paperwork, more like an unspoken courtesy (like the over mileage courtesy they used to offer)? And it might even be a courtesy that only kicks in if you lease another from GMF. We lease new GMFs all the time and have never had damage charges (and the drops aren’t always perfect but we keep our cars very clean and no smoking). For something this cheap, I wouldn’t waste any time on it. Just drop it and hope for the best.

Usually the $500 wear and tear waiver only happens if you “re-lease” another GM vehicle. The dealer puts in the new VIN number on the lease return and usually you don’t need to even call in. It’s not something that’s written in the contract or even mentioned. But they’ve been doing it for a long time.

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As I recall on GM leases…

If the vehicle is purchased by the dealer you turned the car into, or by another GM dealer then the wear and tear charges are ignored.

If however the vehicle goes to auction (general auction) then the wear charges are assessed.

That’s how I understand things.

Also as others have stated, if you lease another GM vehicle then up to $500 of wear and tear/mileage charges are allowed.

This turd of a car has 2 accidents. It will go to auction and probably for a low value.

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