Lease residuals on used car leases

This is just a general lease question. i am very interested in buying a slightly used 2016 F-150 and was wondering how they come up with the residual value for a USED car lease. I know the NEW fords use about 64% of high MSRP. however, the vehicle im looking at is not even a year old and is being listed as used for just $6,000 over the 64% of high MSRP. Do they still use the MSRP on a used lease? How is residual figured for a USED car lease?

I too would love to know if there is a good resource out there for assessing residuals on used cars.

Anyone have some insight?

I’m pretty sure lease residuals on a used car is a fixed dollar amount, not a percentage.

Yes, this appears to be the case. I managed to get my hands on the Residual Value Lease Guide for Ally Financial, and while the car I’m interested in isn’t eligible for their lease program, I can clearly see that the residuals are fixed values.

From what I can tell, the mileage adjustments work a little differently: instead of adjusting the residual by percentage points based on the miles wanted for the lease, there is a maximum starting mileage allowed given the age of the vehicle, and if that maximum is exceeded, the residual amount is reduced using the same formula as for excess mileage charges. I don’t see anything about how to adjust the residual for the number of miles in the proposed lease. It does say all values are based on 15k/yr miles unless otherwise specified, and they only show one residual per lease term, so maybe Ally only offers 15k/yr on used car leases. (*shrug*)