Lease Rates and Interest Rate Hike

I just got notified my Range Rover Sport that I ordered was delivered today to the dealer. The MF/RV for February already not very appealing. I am wondering if I should wait till March 1st (tomorrow) to get new lease numbers, would it get worse or better due to recent interest rate hike concerns, war, etc?

I’d be surprised if they get better


Finance it while rates are still low.

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How are you going to feel if the rate is the same but the RV dropped a point?

You knew what you were getting into with a RR, I’d take what I could get today.

yeah definitely, I knew knew the MF/RV is bad for land rover, but since we made a decent cash on selling the last lease, we wanted to go for range.

From the sounds of it, I will be signing today. I will post the details after, nothing to be proud of, luckily got it at MSRP leased with base MF, RV. Cannot expect much in this market.

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you’ll own it for an extra 20k. finance that bish

What’s more likely, the rate getting better or the car still being there

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total lease cost with tax is about 45k, the car with tax and all the fees is 87k, not so close.

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Agreed but with 0 equity to show for the 45k. just a stranger on the internet. don’t mind me.

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