Lease quote opinions? 19 Camry XSE

I’m upside down roughly $3500 based on my current lease from what they say. Any ideas to get this lowered?

not terrible, not very good. what region are you in? Let’s say you’re underwater by $3500, thats roughly $100 a month on 36month lease. If we take 519 - 100, is $419 an acceptable amount for you to pay with $0 down? I would try to handle the two transactions separately, unless you are unwilling to eat the $3500. Did you shop your 16 Civic around to see what offers are given?

I’m in Oklahoma. I haven’t shopped around on the trade in. I did negotiate the new car first. Got them down to $26,143

just buy it – Your payment will be similar and you have buyers when you decide to sell

Sell the car via vroom, carvana. Its a recent model so you should get a decent number.

If I can get them to give me what my car payoff is should I take the deal? That was the first offer they gave me in the picture above.

Find out what the MF is so you can do the math yourself. Without the MF, its looking like an okay deal, even when they payoff your entire car.

I asked him and he tried the “if I can get it below $400 can I have your business?” Then gave me a purchase quote 400+. :roll_eyes: I’ll keep looking.

How do you still owe 18650 on a 2016 Civic?

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I was EXTREMELY upside down on the previous car I had and I was miserable. So I decided the higher payment while getting a car I wanted was worth it to get out of negative equity quicker. Now that I have done a lot more research I know I can get a much cheaper lease now. But I’m just getting quotes. If waiting is best for me I will do that. Just doing some curious searching and if a good deal comes up then awesome!

Probably best to wait. No sense in rolling in all that negative equity