Lease Questions


I’m currently leasing a 2016 Mazda 6 and I have 18 months left on the lease (17 after next Wednesday) current payment is 283.23 and I originally put 0 down and I looked up the trade in from KBB and I got the dealer buyout amount as well and it looks like it’s about 1677.88 negative equity. I contacted a couple of dealerships because I’m interested in leasing a 2018 Mazda CX-5 Touring model with the preferred package and the best deal I found so far is 332.56 a month, 2k down, 36 months, 12k miles per year. However I feel as though I can get a little better than that by negotiating. What are some good tips to possibly get a better deal than that from the dealership? I did see that Mazda is offering a 500.00 cash bonus on new Mazdas, can I use that to get the payments a little lower? Thank you

17 mos is A LOT to bury. Was that a 3-yr lease? Longer? Where do you live? Have you gotten carvana/vroom/carmax offers on it?

Don’t mention you need out of your current lease when speaking with the dealers. Once you get your best offer then mention the current lease.

It’s a 42 month lease that I’m currently in and yeah the Carmax offer was really low unfortunately. I live in Minnesota

why do you need out of it now? You got into a bad lease to begin with by taking 42 mos. Don’t compound the problem by rolling negative.

Hello, I’m going to go to the dealership tomorrow night to try to negotiate a Lease for a 2018 Mazda Cx-5 Touring with the preferred package. I have about 1677 negative equity according to KBB and my buyout and I plan on paying that off. They are offering me a lease for 332.56 a month, 12k miles per year, 2k down, and 36 months. However I’m thinking of trying to get this lease based on the MSRP on their site of 28960.00 with the residual being 60% according to Chase which would be: 17376.00. So my offer to them would be: 321.77 a month with the 1677 negative equity as the down payment with the 12k miles and 36 months, do you think that’s a reasonable offer? Thank you.

That’s not a good deal at all. Where are you located?

He’s in Minnesota

When you say you have 1677 as negative equity, do you mean that you actually have positive equity? I don’t understand how you can use negative equity as a down payment…

Just curious, why wouldn’t that be a good deal?

Negotiate over email. You will waste time at the dealership.

Compare it to other CX-5 deals. Much more expensive