Lease questions on BMW X1 xDrive

Hi Friends,

I am planning to lease a BMW X1. I have been offered monthly of $300 with down of $8000 for 24 months. If they don’t come down, with down payment probably would like to drop it. Before making a decision, i wanted your expert advice whats the best way to go about? I was looking at $250 a month with $4000 down all inclusive.

Any suggestions, whats the current best price and strategy for bargain? Let me know realistic value i should go for.


For the love of god run away, quickly.

Seriously you need to educate yourself about leasing. Here is what you need to know:
Cap Cost
Money Factor

Don’t put any money down, BMW has a multiple security program where you pay a refundable deposit up front and get a lower money factor (interest rate).

As a general rule you want to be at 1% monthly of the sticker excluding tax and bank fee. So a $40,000 X1 should be about $400 a month.

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Also, if you dont absolutely need new you can lease a loaner.