Lease questions: Honda Odyssey EX-L

2020 Odyssey EX-L - take it or keep shopping?

MSRP $39,055

MF: .0013/ RV 59%

Monthly: $440
DAS: 1st mth

I don’t have a breakdown yet.


How does the MF the dealer quoted you compare with the standard MF from your research at Edmunds? And does the RV match up? What incentives if any do you qualify for? Once you get the selling price from the dealer (before and after incentives), how does this discount compare to other Odyssey deals you’ve seen on here as well as what’s offered by brokers?

MF and RV are correct. What’s the selling price? Some solid Ody deals have been posted recently for reference. Do you have a Honda currently? There is $1k in loyalty + there is a $500 Costco cash card offer too.

Thanks - Yes, it matches Edmunds.

It looks similar to one other deal on the forum, I’m wondering if there is room to negotiate more.

Post your calculator link and/or sales price and we can tell you:)

DAS $793 = 1st month + DMV fees
Monthly payment = $440

Link to calculator. I am paying first month and DMV fees upfront.
I didn’t see an option to only include those at signing, so I removed the DMV fees from the calculator. Is there a way to correct this?

You sound like @mllcb42 now. :rofl:


What’s the $500 taxed incentive and how many dealers have you contacted? There is probably a little meat left on the bone here if you blast every dealer within 100 miles.

The $500 incentive is likely me using the wrong box for the $500 essential workers discount. :woman_facepalming:

I was offered a deal for $10 less per month at another dealership 50+ miles away, but it was through a credit union and I decided to stick with Honda Finance.

This dealer is close, was awesome to work with, threw in 2 yrs oil changes, all season mats, wheel locks, and will pickup/deliver my car from Manhattan for every service.

Sounds like enough to make it worth it. I love my Ody and I know you will enjoy yours!

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