Lease programs for SUVs


Hi, I’m from NJ and I’m looking for advice on the best lease programs for SUVs. I’m looking for something similar to a Honda CRV in size but I want more of a luxury brand. I would like to keep payments under $400 for 36/12k. Which luxury SUVs are available in that range? I’m aware there were some good incentives on the Volvos last month and I also know that MSRPs and trims drive the price. If this is not feasible, are there non luxury SUVs programs that would meet that payment range? Appreciate everyone’s help!

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You can negotiate an Alfa Romeo Stelvio with a MSRP north of 50k down to a sign and drive payment south of $400.

We loved everything about the Stelvio except for the infotainment. If that isn’t important to you, then I would highly recommend a test drive. The thing drives like a go-cart. Fun as hell. The look is very sporty and unique.

Our two year lease was up and we went for the Volvo simply for the better technology.

What about an RDX?

Also there are brokers on here that have the NX 300 in that price range depending on what part of the country you are in. Try the marketplace section

where are you seeing sub 400 stelvios?


I haven’t seen numbers like that recently on stelvios


Thanks for the reply. Do you recommend a specific dealer for the Stelvio?

Well it’s been two years since I leased mine. They must have gone up since then? If that’s the case, disregard my first post.

My dealer was Alfa Romeo of St Petersburg, FL.

Yah, the lease programs aren’t nearly as good as they were a year ago

Thanks I’ll take a look!

LOL. EXACTLY!!! I would love to see a contract on a $52k car for “south of $400”.

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There have been plenty of stelvio contracts in that price range, just not recently


So I guess nothing like that exists right now lol

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Here is what I was able to get for a Stelvio TI 36 month 10k lease in NY and NJ.
Westbury was the best with $50,595 $459 Month with 2k Out the door with 1st Month
Gold Coast was $50,645 $495 Month with 2k Out the Door with 1st Month
Fullerton was 50,295 $ 479 Month with 2.5K Out the Door with 1st Month
Hope that helps that was not leaving much left on the table.
About the best you can get right now.
These prices are with no loyalty or return. No conquest. Just the $1k and 1.5k incentive and $500 True Car
NJ Dealer has an $498 Doc fee

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Appreciate the response, not knowing anything else $459 for a $51k car is not too shabby.

None of those prices listed are effectively $459/mo for a $51k car due to the das



Love the 0 month breakdown they provided. Very helpful!


That’s the complimentary test drive!