Lease Program not working


I just donated to be able to use the lease program to look up the residual and money factor but it just keeps moving me in a circle and saying to donate. I received my email and i’m able to get to the donor portal and it shows my donation but still can’t utilize the portion I was donating for.

Are you going to the supporters lounge?

it says “oops that page doesn’t exist”

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Might need @michael or @littleviolette to process it

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Thanks hopefully it’s resolved soon!

Guessing you haven’t been added to the group yet as there is no badge by your username yet. Did you do a one-time donation or signup to be a super_supporter?

The receipt says super supporter

i think i figured it out. When i donated i didn’t put the same name as my forum name. How do i correct that or is it too late?

@michael and @littleviolette will get you squared away

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