Lease prices for 2018 Volvo XC60 in NYC

What prices are you guys seeing for a fully loaded (including premium sound and air suspension) 2018 T6 Inscription XC60 in NYC? Going to the dealer today to check out the S90 and XC60. Thanks

I doubt you’ll be able to get a good deal on the new XC60. I’m just guessing, but a fully loaded T6 comes in over $63k+ and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get quotes over $800+/month.

There is already $800 lease cash, though. Will be more very soon.

Thanks for your input…didn’t get into details of numbers since I still have 6 months left in my BMW lease but I was quoted around $600 for both the XC60 and S90…fully loaded no down…

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S90 can be had in $300-400 easily.

If you have 6 months left on your BMW, it makes even more sense to go with the S90 now with their pull ahead offer.

I’d really like to see the breakdown of that 2018 XC60 quote though.

Ursus - the msrp was $71,490…300-400 is possible?..Jon will try to get a break down of the quote…the manager wasn’t keen to show me detailed numbers since I wasn’t going to make a deal probably till early december.

Try not to waste your time in Volvo Queens and Manhattan imo.

what dealer do you recommend?

I had better luck in NJ. Most dealers there are decent.

I agree, avoid Volvo of Queens, do not waste your time. However, Volvo of Manhattan was very good to deal with and I am very happy with how i did on my S90 in June.

Wow. Where did you find one with $71K sticker? :slight_smile: Are you talking about XC60?

Volvo Manhattan is good. Avoid Scott, though.

no the S90…XC60 is $63 k.

I didn’t know they could be loaded at more than $67K. Do you really need it at $71K? You can probably get it in high-400 to low-500 with good negotiation.

ok thanks…i took out the luxury package and it’s coming up to $68K…let me see what I can get from Volvo of Manhattan…thanks everyone for your input

How did it go? Update?

i decided to go with the XC60 but I’m going to waiting until December to make a deal. Hopefully some incentives out by then.

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I think I am in same boat.

Anyone pursuing XC60? I’m a female stepping out on my own doing this lease thing. I did a test drive today at a dealership due to an advertisement for $449 Lease for 39 months with $3899 Due At Signing. Finance guy was a total jerk and didn’t even honor their own advertisement. I told him no worries I will go to the next dealership as they are not the only shop in town. MSRP was $53070, he came down $1000 on the first pass. 2nd pass he came down $2,000 and gave me $1,000 in incentives from True Car ( nothing from Costco available). Payment was $799.99. No thank you. Any suggestions for next steps? I’m not seeing many posts for 2018 XC60’s. Thanks.

Oh in Chicagoland area.