Lease Or Buy: 2021 Porsche 911 C4S Cab

I’m considering a lease vs buy for this beauty that should be arriving within a week.
What’s the general consensus?

MSRP 151,020
MF .00230
RV 58%
36 months/10,000miles
Payment 2464 + 4800 DAS

75,000 miles ends up with 59% residual.

Or finance 60 months at 2.99% - 2,875 per month.

I’m told I would be able to take a write off from the lease which has ultimately lead me to lean more in its favor. I was initially fully prepared to buy.

What’s the “best” way to go?

I knew 911’s leased pretty bad to begin with, but 2500 a month on a 150k 911 that isn’t a turbo/speedster/targa etc, is actually insane, what do the Porsche dealerships think they are doing. 2500 a month with another 4K upfront, that’s Bentley/Rolls Royce money right there. If your heart must go with the 911, lease it.

I think 90% of the time a finance will work out to be cheaper.

Finance seems like the way to go as mentioned above, plus 911s hold value pretty well, so probably wouldn’t have too much of an issue reselling.

Buy it.


You’re paying 5.28% apr to write it off.


Dear lord, with the lease you’d be paying almost $94k to drive a $151k car for 3 years then turn it in. At 5.5% interest no less.

Looking at it another way, after 36 mos you’d have spent $94k for a car with a resudual of $89k.

Financing it, you’d have spent the same $94k after roughly 33 months, and have a car with a loan payoff of around $71k at that point.

If the car is really worth $89k after 3 years, then you could sell it and recapture $18k in equity if you finance, vs. just handing over the keys with a lease.

Please just buy this…but in the off chance that you do lease, run the numbers on 39 & 42 mos, on a Porsche these will almost always be more favorable.

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Buy it. Own It. Enjoy it!

I agree the lease option really is horrible if not considering the write off. But it seems that even with that considered financing would be better. Is that right?

Also just found out that my bank (Bank of America)is offering a financing rate of 1.89 which PFS so that definitely strengthens the case for financing.

From your accountant? Up to and including that payment?

If so, I think the “buy” crowd is only looking at lease vs buy…

A Turbo typically has a 4 in front.


A good friend of mine asked for my help to buy a 2016+ 911 Convertible and I said no chance… We are considering AMG GT Roadster for similar money now. At least it is more unique.

I am guessing you meant 7,500 miles per year, correct?

Finance it if these are the only 2 options.

If you can take a write off from a lease, you can also take a write off from a purchase. It may not equal quite the same amount, but you’re also talking about paying a lot more to write it off. Don’t spend a dollar to save a dime.


No no I’m talking about the actual 911 turbo model, the 200k 911 turbo not the 4s

He’s saying that a 911 turbo payment would be $4xxx

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Stop being a peasant and one pay the buy amount

Ps random thought, put the car up on turo one weekend a month and it’ll almost cover the monthly payment


I’ve owned a bunch of 911’s over the years… they’re wonderful vehicles!

But…please explain how you can write off the total monthly lease payment as a business expense?

And good ole’ Pub 535

In most cases it isn’t all, but how much.

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Highly unlikely the value of the car is going drop under the RV, even with an accident on the carfax. You’re not gaining much of the typical lease benefits of limiting depreciation.

At that high MF, it seems better to shop your own loan in a purchase.