Lease options for bmw 428i convertible

Hi, what would be the best lease on a 2106 328i convertible in California? looking for a 3 year lease with 36000 miles. Ideally I would like a 0 down lease but can put down 2k-3k if needed. please let me know and thanks in advance.

  1. Find car
  2. Contact dealer
  3. Negotiate discount
  4. Get lease quotes with all the figures (MSRP, Sale Price, MF, Residual etc)
  5. Use calculator on this site to see if the quote makes sense
  6. Post on here and resolve any unanswered questions which should help you negotiate a better deal.

None of the advertised prices are really that good of a deal, you can nearly always negotiate a better one, so it is up to you to find your best deal. This site can help when you actually have your quotes.

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I don’t see many dealers with lots of 2016 convertibles in inventory, so best approach is to find one that you like and negotiate a decent 15% off MSRP

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