Lease opinion: Q50 3.0t Signature AWD

Guys-- I am currently crafting a deal on this vehicle and want your opinions on if its good or not. Here are the details

MSRP - $44,870
Gross capitalized cost : 36,870 (includes dealer cash)
Summer rebate: 1,000
Net capitalized cost: 35,870
Sales tax: 6.25%
Dealer / state fees: $634 ($175 of this is title, reg, etc)
Zero-drive off is $404 / monthh

Term: 39mos / 10k miles
Residual: 52%
MF: .00029
Zip: 02119

I do not have any VPP or other incentives available. This is my first new car purchase/lease.

Let me know your thoughts.

Looks about on par with other Q50 deals. Have you looked into doing any MSD’s to lower the MF?

With the super low residual and me being 23 and need to build my emergency cushion, the MSD doesn’t make sense. I understand that the savings return is in the 20% range but I need those funds in my emergency fund. Had a big move for a new job which nearly drained me so the would be MSD money will be going towards insurance…

This forum needs to start a sub-segment…“Insurancehackr”…

Well just thought i’d recommend it. But I mean I’d always push for more off try emailing the other dealers. But its an average deal for this car that long in its tooth.

Already shopped it around to a bunch of dealers. There’s not a lot of signatures left. Luxe have much lower residual so do not lease well at all

Well it seems the deal to be getting, any dealer can pull stock from another dealer but the MF and Residual seem correct so if you’re fine with the figures and an extra 500-1000 isn’t worth it in the end then do what you gotta do!

Yea the the extra 500-1000 would be nice but taking a big risk cause these signature are moving very fast. Dealer threw in some free services as well so I’m good.

Well hope it all go good, post some pics!

These things don’t move fast, did the dealer tell you that? It’s the same archaic luxury boat I leased 5 years ago. I’d personally rather spend the money on ha Accord. You’ll be much happier.

Accord doesn’t have the off the line speed or awd does it?

Nah, I personally watched 3 that I had my eye on go off the lot within a few days. Saw the same with the demo 4 series I had my eyes on as well. There are far less of the signatures around than the regular 3.0t…also I would not have been happy with a Honda. I definitely contemplated Honda a bit but couldn’t do it. I’m only 23 years old…

A Honda Accord puts the Q50 to shame. Just at least drive one first and then decide.

I used to drive a Q50. It’s a decent bargain (not like it used to be, mine was $320/month and $0 down with Navigation), but it’s just not comparable to other cars out there, Accord included. And the gas mileage…don’t get me started. Save up! 15 MPG city on a good day. And there might be some decent insurance savings, too.

Why is your age relevant? I’m in my twenties as well, why can’t a twenty something drive an Accord?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Different strokes for different folks

I ride in accords everyday in my Ubers from work in Manhattan, I am good on that one. I ride my bike to work so this baby will be mostly for leisure, weekend driving and the occasional trip to the store for my wife. Also, I wanted at least a v6 and normal transmission (not a CVT!!!).

You can get the Accord with a 10 speed Auto on the 2.0T

I think you’re really stuck on the “luxury” badge here at the $400 price point that you’re ignoring how bad a car the Q50 is in the year 2019. It’s your mistake to make though, at the least, it’ll be super reliable. It’s built like a tank.

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And a bmw puts them all to shame which lease better than an Accord. It’s badge preference, an Infiniti badge holds more accord than a Honda. BMW more than both. It’s a lease so who cares anyways.

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100% agreeed. I also wanted Infiniti for the v6 twin turbo or else I would have went with the BMW 100%

i just leased this car coming from a wrx and I’m going to say that i hate it. when i test drive it, it was ok and i got a good deal so i was happy that day. but now that I’ve had it for a couple weeks is just so blah. the useless upper screen, the turbo lag, the body roll, just all of it. i cant wait to get out of it.

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Staying on topic, I think this is a good lease. My brother is getting a quote for same vehicle but in Michigan, which offers VPP-A plan for everyone this month at $365/mo with ~$1400 DAS for 39/15k. MF is pretty low, so with $800 MSDs max allowed he would be at $354/mo.

I agree that this is the Q50 to get, as the residual is much higher than Lux or Sport models. You don’t get nav, which 83% of people use their phones for anyways.

If you like the car, I say launch. The Accord is nice, but it’s your preference. If you can get into a BMW loaner with loyalty rebate and big MSD down ($2-3k), then you will be at lower payment. But it sounds like you are not in that position, so this is probably the best lease for you.

I had the Q50 when it first came out in 2014, and I was underwhelmed coming off my G37S 6MT lease. But, the new engine and slightly updated styling is attractive, and I think the 2019s drive much better than the 2014s. Good luck with the deal.


Well they would use their phone if Infiniti coughNissancough would have included Apple CarPlay…