Lease (one pay vs traditional) vs buy for Wrangler Sahara 4xe

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I’m finally about to take delivery on a 24 Wrangler Sahara 4xe ordered in May (whoop!). Trying to decide whether to go straight trade-and-purchase (I have a 2022 Sahara 4xe) vs trade-and-lease with an early buyout. Have never leased before, so that process is a bit murky to me. Either way I plan to have the vehicle purchased outright by the end of the year.

Numbers below for a one pay lease don’t totally make sense to me – will the RV + the one pay = ~$52k out of pocket? How can the net cap cost and the residual cost essentially be the same after an $11k payment? Dealer says this is a popular method, but I don’t see how it makes sense . . . but again, this is a new process for me.

Your monthly payment basically consists of $13 of principal and $243 of interest.

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If that’s the case, will the prepaid interest be refunded/applied to the buyout cost when I purchase 6 weeks later? And if so, how difficult is that to make happen?

Sorry to have dumb questions – you guys are light-years ahead of me in knowledge on this!

If youre doing an actual one pay, yes, the buyout is basically the residual value minus all the unearned rent charge.

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Looks like no or very small reduction in mf for one-pay. So you’re saving some interest on the depreciation amount, but not on the residual amount.

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So if my math is correct, the cash needed for buyout is approximately $33k ($41k residual - ~ $8k in unearned interest), yes?

Thanks for the patience and the info – this is immensely helpful. My dealer does a ton of these, but I think mostly for people who already “get it”, and also isn’t involved in the buyout process. She encouraged me to research here and reach out to you guys because you clearly understand this thoroughly!

Who is she?

You’re getting this from Gupton ?

If youre planning on doing an immediate buyout, a one pay is of very little value.

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Yes. They’ve been fantastic to work with, especially after I had to walk away from my first order early this summer due to the salesman’s penchant for sexual harassment.

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No. You will need about $42K. $41K residual plus about $13x35 remaining payments. There might also be some other fees and taxes depending on state.

Ahhhh yes I assume you’re dealing with Renee? She messaged me about this. I told her to explain it to you correctly

There should be a LH member at every dealership to give them a hand lol


I think you and OP are talking traditional vs one-pay. $42k would be the amount if traditional, while the $33k is taking into account the $11k paid up front.

Personally, I’d go traditional to avoid exactly this confusion.

Tell us what happened here?

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Same :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

I want to know also lol

Yes; love her! She did relay your message and we were like “surely that’s not right – the numbers are too good”. Thanks for the help!

Seriously, right? She said “get on the LH forum and be sure we understand this correctly; those guys know what they’re doing” lol

Hahaha – I originally placed an order with a semi-local dealership where I am acquainted with the co-owner. He had his sales manager help with the order who was very touchy-feely from the start (I am a personal space kinda girl). He started by constantly calling me “sweetie” and “honey” – aggravating, but not that uncommon in the South – and then began overtly hitting on me, asking me out, calling me drunk on his days off . . . I bought a 22 for the interim; they deliver, but he tried to refuse to deliver it to me so he could see me, and sit next to me while I signed the papers. When he texted me asking for pictures, I finally walked, and placed an order with Renee. Best decision I’ve made this whole process. I let the co-owner of the dealership know (prior to that I didn’t want to piss off Creepy, since he controlled the price of my purchase and the value of my trade); he was appropriately horrified, but I told him they’d already lost my business.

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