Lease offer for 2015 BMW 428i Coupe

Received the following offer from my dealer on one of their last remaining 2015 428i Coupes for 3 years, 12,000 miles:

  • MSRP: 54k
  • Gross Cap Cost (including Wear & Tear plan): 47k (13% discount)
  • Downpayment: 5k
  • Residuals: 44%
  • MF: 0.00138
  • Monthly Payment: 582 (including tax)

Residuals are crazy-low, but looking around I can’t find any proof that they should be higher. I like the car (it’s very well equipped), but I’m not head-over-heels for it and I’m not in a rush because I have a car that I can drive for the next several months minimum.

I’ve read a lot about leasing, but still very new to this. Please let me know if I missed any numbers and I will add them. Your thoughts greatly appreciated!

While all the numbers look on the up and up I would not touch that deal, look for a 16, i am sure it will lease better, especially if you are not in love with the car. And don’t put money down, change that to MSD’s which you get back at the end and lower your money factor (interest rate).