Lease of a 2018 Mercedes E300 or E3004matic

I am VERY new to this and would like some help. I’m finally taking the plunge and getting an adult vehicle (my 2007 Jetta was in an accident and no longer operational). I am looking at the MB E300/E3004matic.

Can anyone help me in getting started in terms of negotiating a lease? I’m in the Bay Area in CA and looking at the USA MB website, the current ‘special’ for a 2018 lease is $589 a month w/ $5,83 due at signing (w/ $3,999 for capitalized reduction).

Is this a good deal?



No do some research on e300 on the forum. Lots of data points

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a) search forum on how to negotiate a lease
b) search forum for recent E300 deals and avail incentives etc. I’ve done a long wiki on it for Mercedes
c) get ready for being frustrated because it will likely be
d) skip a-c and hire a broker if you’d rather not deal with it. There are many on this forum that are reputable.

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