Lease now or wait til Aug 4th

It seems like most deals end on 8/3. What’s the feeling of the group? Wait til Aug 4 or lease now?

So many questions, so little time…

What do you prefer to do?

Sooner rather than later - across the board inventory is getting ridiculously thin. Either wait for the 2021s to flood the market in the fall or jump on something now if the deal is good.


Programs end every month: nobody knows what next month’s programs will be.

Assuming you can find something you want to lease.

Only if I could see the future… I would have won every single Powerball jackpot…

But enough of the sarcastic rant lol

IF you need a car, trend is that inventory is getting tight and prices are going up. Do what you will with that information.

But no one can tell you if the deals will be better in August compared to July or not.

Good luck.

You have an option to lock the rates for July for some manufacturers thats your another option in case August numbers arent as favorable as July. You can still use your July numbers