Lease now (buy an '18) or wait (for a '19)

My BMW lease is up in November.

I’m in the market for a: Stelvio, XC60, F-Pace, Velar
OC Fiat has a deal at the moment for a Stelvio 0 Down and $349 per month.

I’m torn between buying now, and still having 2 payments on the bmw ($291) but getting the good deal. Or waiting and then finding the '19s are much more expensive

Same goes for all the other models as well

Would you wait or buy now? What factors impact your decision

If you have a great deal today, on a car that has most of what you want, I would take it. The advantage of waiting till 2019 is ordering one exactly the way you want, in a specific color or with all the options. But you do run the risk that money factors will go up as the cost of borrowing money goes up. I suspect leases are going to cost a little more across the board in the months to come. In your case, you’ll need to factor your remaining payments and see if it’s worth it. For me, I want a car with next to no options, which is impossible to find. So it is worth it for me to wait and order a 2019. I already have my discount in writing for a 2019 order.

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There will still be 2018 deals in 2 months! But if it’s what you want, at a great price buy it. I have 2 pickup trucks right now bc I couldn’t pass on the tundra deal. I’m eating 1.5 of my ram payments. But factored into my.nEw lease it only adds about $25-mo

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I just got 13% off MSRP on a factory order for a 2019 Audi A5 coupe. Put down the deposit today. This way I get to order exactly the options I want, without the costly options I don’t. Anticipating delivery in December, in time for Season of Audi incentives