Lease maintenance

Quick question, do I have to do the scheduled maintenance at the dealership when leasing a car?

This is my first time leasing. The first scheduled maintenance is at 5k miles and all it is is just checking fluids and rotating tires, which I already did myself. Like is there any penalty if I do certain things myself and have no official record of it?

The next one at 10k involves an oil change, which I will be bringing to the dealership.

Thanks for the help.

Reallly depends on the car - Toyota or Mercedes?

And aren’t all services covered anyways?

It’s a Toyota. Yes it’s covered but I already switched to my snow tires, thus the reason I don’t need tire rotation. Just wondering if it was a requirement for a lease.

I wouldn’t sweat it. How can anyone prove uneven wear (which is what they’re worried about) when the tire isn’t even being used in this interim?

When you go back to OEM tires, keep rotating them

I wouldnt worry.

Def go in for the free 10K synthetic oil change though