Lease location question

I live in CT and my daughter is in school in NC. I need to get her a new lease. I am looking to swap her 2014 Cruze for a 2017 Cruze LT Hatch. The 2014 is in NC with her in school. The car is registered to me in CT which is my permanent residence. Can I lease the car in NC where she is and take advantage of NC incentives even if the car will be registered to me in CT? or will I be limited to incentives only offered in CT where the car will be registered?


Edit: Actually read the question…

Since the vehicle will be registered in CT, you have to use CT rebates/programs and applicable taxes.

Have you investigated the cost delta between registering in NC vs CT? Cost of the transaction, insurance, if you are attending a state school, potentially driving a NC leased car may help establish NC residency for tuition purposes, etc.