Lease Land Rover Discovery with 8k miles?

Need some input here please. I can lease a loaded Land Rover Discovery Sport for $2500 up front and get the payment to $508 per month (including tax). The car is loaded with all the features I would want.

Location: Seattle
Original MSRP is $48k
39 mth lease
.00065 MF
$2500 up front which is almost all cap reduction. (how can I get them to remove the cap reduction btw?)

But the car has 8k miles on it and was a corp car previous. I’m fine with the monthly payment but it just feels like not much of a discount when you think that the car already has 8k miles on it. Thoughts?


While I’m assuming it’s never been titled, any car with 8,000 miles on it is not “new”; accounting for the fact it’s a '16 and with that kind of mileage, I’d target a selling price around $36,800.

Thanks LH, that is what I figured. They are targeting 45k for the which is only 3k under MSRP. So while .37 per mile, it is really not factoring it at all that the car is effectively used even though it has never been titled. I can tell there is no way they will go to $36,800.

Seems like a ridiculous price. Below is 450 per month all in brand new

Wow, the options add up really fast (like +28% from the base model). Once you get to the higher trim levels, the general consensus is you get worse terms on the lease (due to the residual not being as good) but $508/mo is still pretty high for a car with 8k miles