Lease info on 2016 kia sedona for ny metro area

Considering if I should buy our lease the Kia Sedona SXL w/technology option. What is the lease info for ny metro area.

2016 Sedona SX-L

36 months, 10,000 mi/year
Residual: 51% (-1% for 12,000 mi/year, -3% for 15,000 mi/year)
MF: .00015
Lease Cash: $3,500

Targeted Incentives: $1,000 Competitive Minivan Cash OR $1,000 Sedona Loyalty OR $400 Grad/Military

TrueCar is showing $3,000 off MSRP, before incentives, on a $41,000 Sedona. See how these numbers translate into lease payments here: