Lease in VA - need a new car for wifey

I “accidentally” sold my wife’s old Subaru and somehow she isn’t keen on just using the bicycle!

I’m still on the fence between buying a cheaper car, or doing a lease on something nicer. But when asking the local dealers there are ridiculous upfront fees that kills any deal ($4500 upfront on a 36 mo lease on a VW Alltrack with some $200/mo on top of that… Hmm, no thanks.) so perhaps worth asking here for suggestions. I’m OK to travel anywhere in Eastern US to pick up. 12k miles would be nice, 10k min. Her only requirements are auto, 1 steering wheel and 4 tires… She’s driven everything from Citroen 2CV to Alfa Giulietta - but is just as ok with anything that isn’t a Mitsubishi Mirage…

The first option is something like a Impreza or small SUV (RAV4, Terrain etc) Cars you buy at around $20k with no frills.
The second option is getting her something nicer - a BMW 3-series, Audi or upscale Japanese brand. $9-10k total cost over 36 mo? Is that possible to find without spending weeks working with recalcitrant dealers…?

All suggestions welcome!

Have you searched the forum at all or even read through it? TONS of threads on cheap GM leases this month. Go read them.

Ouch! Sorry for asking.

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Will you be accidentally finding yourself sleeping on the couch at night?

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Easy peasy - 150 budget range - Buick Encore
300 budget range - Alfa Giulia
400 budget Range - Loberant’s BMW loaners 330 GT

See - that was not hard

One email to Loberant is all that is needed to drive a BMW - no mroe back and forth, no more haggling over the price and no more boiler room at the “Finance Manager’s office” for protection and sealant and nitrogen

I would rule out BMW, Audi, or upscale Japanese brand because for 9-10k overall cost, I don’t think that’s possible. That’s about $250-$275/mo, assuming true $0 out of pocket, and 3 years of maintenance (usually simple oil change) is inclusive.

Haha, yes, I can do without the lost hour with the “finance manager”!

Well, I did not intend to include maintenance or VA vehicle tax. Those are costs I can’t avoid either way - they will be the same if I buy or lease.

Her -12 Outback Limited did end up costing me $14k over 6 years not counting maintenance and taxes, but it would be nice not driving the next car for quite that long.

That may very well depend on what I get her!

Upfront fees are not required. They usually advertise those upfront fees in small print to drive the lease payment down. So you can negotiate the lease so all fees/taxes are rolled in to the lease and you walk away with just leaving a check for first month’s payment.

I’m not sure about all brands, but I know Ford leases include the VA Property Tax in the payment. My Jeep lease does not.

Read the Marketplace and Share a Deal categories.

Chevy, Buick Encore, GMC Terrain, Kia Optima, and Infiniti are strong this month. Also BMW and Mercedes-Benz loaners but they are harder to find plus harder to fit your budget considering your high taxes and dealer fees in VA