Lease in South West Florida

I am planning to lease a SUV very soon. If there is anyone in Southwest who would is also planning a lease we could do it together to drive a better bargain with dealer would be great.

I am looking at Honda CRV, Lexus 350, Volvo XC 60 or 90. Who ever gives a better deal.

I’d be interested in a RX 350 (I am in Dade county so it depends on where you are looking)

I am in Fort Myers and looking at dealers in fort myers and , Naples.
However if there is a dealer who can ship from the east I am fine…

You could always get a $29 rental car.

when I leased my X3 out of Ft. Myers I drove down from Tampa in a $29 one way rental car. Enterprise had an office across the street from the dealer so I walked over…

FYI - it has been debated a couple of times and the general consensus seemed to be leasing 2 cars at once doesn’t really help your negotiating. See this thread: Two vehicles needed a TWOFER

Also, the CRV seems pretty different from the other cars you’re looking at, I’d venture to guess that is going to be your least expensive of the group.