Lease help with 2015 Lancer Evolution

Hello everyone!

I may be too hopeful, but I’m just trying to find leverage on some local dealerships in order to get a lease payment within my desired amount.
Here’s some information:

Area: North Virginia/Maryland

Desired vehicles: 2015 Lancer Evolution GSR (msrp $33,000 and about 10 miles on odometer)
2015 Lancer Evolution Final edition (msrp $38,000 and about 2200 miles on odometer)

Downpayment: I only want to spend $500 at the dealership in order to pick up the car.
Monthly payment budget: $400-$450 preferred.
Term length: shorter preferred, but willing to do 36 months
Mileage: more preferred, willing to do 12,000 miles/yr
Credit score: about 680
Gross income: $3000/mo

They are quoting me at $550 per month. I understand taxes on lease vehicles are high here in my area, but I feel like the dealership should be fine with letting go of the car for closer to $450 per month. The cars have been sitting on their lot for 9 months (the final edition was driven by a fraudulent buyer for 2000 miles), and I feel like they’re losing money on them. Why are they so opposed to my desired payment? I know my credit isn’t the best, and it isn’t a ton of profit for them, but… Is the interest rate crazy high for these cars?

I appreciate all of your help!